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5 Fall Must Haves

The nights are getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and fall has finally arrived. While unpacking your favorite comfortable sweater, it’s also time to restock the items for your CBD routine. CBD American Shaman has a variety of high quality products to help you get the most out of this beautiful fall season.

Finding a high quality hemp product that fits your specific needs can be difficult. That is why CBD American Shaman is dedicated to offering a wide selection for shoppers to choose from. But while each kind of product is different, they all undergo a strict quality control process to ensure they meet all of our high standards for excellence.

CBD Body Lotion

The weather is getting cooler and drier. Give your skin a little extra TLC this fall with CBD American Shaman’s CBD body lotion.

Made using high quality hemp, this hydrating body lotion will be your best friend this fall. This high quality lotion won’t leave that greasy feeling on your skin like other lotions. And with 15mg CBD per ounce of lotion, incorporating CBD into your daily routine has never been easier!

CBD contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are ideal for dry skin caused by cooler weather. When applied topically to a specific area, it delivers a more targeted effect. This combination has made our CBD lotion one of the most popular products we offer.

You can also take our CBD body lotion on the go with our travel size option. Once you try our lotion, you will never want to leave the house without it!

cbd hydrating body lotion

CBDA and CBGA Extract Comprehensive Immunity Support Tincture

When looking for a high quality minor cannabinoid product, look no further than CBD American Shaman’s CBDA and CBGA Extract Comprehensive Immunity Support Tincture. Made from high quality hemp, this is an ideal product for those who want to incorporate CBDA and CBGA into their lives.

Not only does this product contain cannabinoids, but also Vitamins C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to give consumers that extra boost they want.

Our Comprehensive Immunity Support Tincture is water soluble, allowing consumers a greater range of consumption options. Many individuals prefer to mix our tincture with their favorite cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee. And with our delicious peppermint flavor, this tincture is sure to kick your drink up to the next level!

For more information about CBDA and CBGA, please read our article here.

CBD Water Soluble Drops

Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

Speaking of water soluble, CBD American Shaman offers a wide variety of CBD tinctures for every flavor palate. These tinctures may be tasty on their own, but they can also mix smoothly into your favorite beverage. And with flavors like Cherry Limeade, Grape, Lemon, and Pina Colada, the possibilities are endless!

Our CBD tinctures are water soluble, meaning they will mix into a beverage without leaving a film on the surface. Made using our proprietary nanotechnology, our water soluble drops undergo a strict quality control process to ensure we are producing the best tincture possible. Once you try our tinctures, you will see for yourself why CBD American Shaman is a leader in the hemp community.

CBN Gummies for Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is something everyone desires. CBD American Shaman’s CBN Gummies are a great way to help achieve that goal! Extracted from American grown hemp, our CBN gummies are the perfect way to end your day.

CBN is a minor cannabinoid found within the hemp plant. According to Leafly, CBN has many beneficial properties including (but not limited to) appetite stimulation, antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotection benefits. Current research has also focused on exploring how cannabinoids like CBN can be used to fight various forms of cancer. At the time of this writing, the results of such research are still considered preliminary.

Each gummy contains 2mg of CBN and is packed with delicious assorted fruit flavors. Serving sizes for most individuals start with one gummy taken about 30 minutes before bedtime. Once you try our CBNight gummies, it is sure to be a favorite part of your bedtime routine!

CBD Under Eye Serum

This serum is the perfect addition to your self-care toolkit! Made with CBD extract from American grown hemp, this topical serum is one of our favorites. Our lightweight formula means it is possible to be worn under makeup without the greasy look or feel.

One of CBD’s most popular features is its anti-inflammatory property. This property is ideal for those who want a hemp product that will help tackle puffiness, wrinkles, or other problems. Each bottle contains 30mg of high quality CBD derived from Non-GMO hemp.

This under eye serum can be used as part of your morning or evening routine. Please do not put serum directly in your eye or if you have irritated skin or open cuts. Please do not ingest the under eye serum, it is intended for topical use only.

Where to Find All of These Products

CBD American Shaman has a variety of high quality products to help make your autumn a success. From topicals to edibles and more, we have something for everyone. Individuals can shop all of these products and more in-store and online.

CBD American Shaman is proud to be a leader in the hemp community. We strive to produce some of the best products available on the market. We are US Hemp Authority Certified and maintain that certification through rigorous quality control procedures and testing. You can read more about the US Hemp Authority Certification here.

Not sure where to begin? Stop by one of our convenient locations in Huntsville to chat one on one with our team of experienced staff members. We can help answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Our goal is to help pair each individual with their perfect hemp product match.

And when you shop in person, you can even pick up a free sample product to try! What are you waiting for? Come by and see us today!